Donate towards reptile conservation!

For those who are able and interested:

KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian & Reptile Conservation is now open to donations. We’re trying to use this system to support our unpaid work, which we love doing and which we do all the time!

Donations will go towards:

  • Snake rescue and removals in rural areas– We do try to charge for snake removals where we can, as it is a professional service. However, a lot of the time we can’t, as it’s in rural areas. Asking for people to pay in these parts is like asking them to surrender their family’s dinner.
  • Snake education in rural areas- Something we are starting to do more regularly, particularly in the Inanda region. We’d love to do this more often, but we cannot without funding. We’re hoping to partner up with a large corporate for this.
  • Snake research- We are starting to do research on Black Mambas, as well as Mozambique Spitting Cobras. This entails various aspects, such as DNA testing, recording weights and measurements  of each snake caught, and we are trying to tag our mambas (as a part of an Association of Reptile Keepers project), giving them an identity. This provides a wealth of useful information, should the snake be re-captured at some point.
  • Save Our Suburban Lizards– A small portion of donations will go towards this initiative of ours, which aims to conserve threatened lizard species in the Greater Durban Area. Please see the website for more information:

Should you want to donate, please use the below banking details of The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, of which we are a chapter of.

IMPORTANT! Please include the word ‘SNAKE’ and your surname in the payment name.

The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

First National Bank

Cheque Account

Acc # 62080145983

Branch code 223526

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ


Alternatively, you can scan our Zapper code!


For more details:


Or email