Snake removals in Durban!

Something that keeps me very busy, and what is probably my favourite part of my job, is removing snakes from people’s homes, in and around the Greater Durban Area.

It leads us on many exciting and adrenaline-pumping adventures, which I absolutely love! Saving an animal, and watching it go free again, is the best feeling on Earth!

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For snake rescue & removals in the Greater Durban Area, you can call me, Nick Evans on 072 809 5806.

Black Mamba removed from a tin shack in Welbedacht, south of Durban. I had a group of foreigners with me on this day- what fun!
Three meter Southern African Python rescued in the Inanda area, after it devoured someone’s chicken!
Mozambique Spitting Cobra removed from a rusty, old, wreck of a car, in Shallcross.