Educating future field guides!

In March, I made two trips up to Hluhluwe, to visit the Bhejane Nature Training academy, teaching the students about the country’s amazing reptile and amphibians!

The academy is based at an awesome location, in one of the most diverse parts of the country. Because of this, the students have been treated to some great snake sightings, such as a Rock Python eating a monkey! During my first stay, we caught two Snouted Cobras from around the student’s tents, and we were lucky enough to find an Eastern Tiger Snake!

On both occasions, it was an absolute pleasure to work with such a great group of people. I’m sure they’re going to make field guides in the near future!

The highlight- one of the students, Jason, used to have a terrible phobia of snakes, and couldn’t even look at them.
This time, not only did he hold a harmless Spotted Bush Snake, but he also handled a Puff Adder (with a hook), what an amazing achievement! Well done to him for overcoming his fear, hopefully that will inspire others!

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Puff Adder Close-up
Checking out a Forest Cobra!
One of the Snouted Cobras that we caught in the camp
One of the Snouted Cobras that we caught in the camp


Brave Jason!

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