Hot cobra!

When I woke up this morning, and saw that it was sunny, I had a good feeling that the snakes would be out after days of chilly weather!

Well, I wasn’t disappointed! Late this morning I had a call from Bruce Road in Queensburgh, for a large Mozambique Spitting Cobra.
Last Spring, I visited the same people who had another large spitter. That was a thrilling experience, which involved me slipping and sliding down their steep bank after it!

When I arrived, the homeowner calmly said, “Quickly, it’s moving”. He was standing on a rocky wall, looking onto the snake below. I stood next to him and saw the snake. It was 3/4 into a hole in the rocky wall- I had one chance to grab, otherwise my job would be very difficult, if not impossible! It was like a maize inside the wall.

I quickly grabbed him with my grabstick, jumped down and got a hold of his tail. It wasn’t budging! While holding the tail with my left hand, I was busy nudging his body with my grabstick, trying to encourage him out. He then poked his head out, and did what Mozam spitters always do when cornered, spray you repeatedly!

This Cobra had been basking for some time, at leat 30 minutes. So it was now fueled and ready for action, this was in the back of my mind before I arrived.
When I finally encouraged him out of the hole, he came out with fury! He was lunging at me and spraying me with venom! I don’t blame him, I was holding him back from escaping after all.

I had to tire him out before trying to secure his head with my grabstick, well actually I didn’t have much choice, this snake was so full of energy it was a nightmare to control it! I let him thrash around a bit, expelling some energy, while I had his tail. This took great concentration! Eventually I managed to pin him down, but he was so strong I struggled to get a grip, and I decided to leave him and try again.
The snake tried to make the most of that chance! It shot away from me, and almost went off the terrace down the steep bank. Not again! I don’t feel like sliding down after another Cobra!

Fortunately, I grabbed his tail as his head was over the edge, and I managed to pin him down, and safely secure the head. PHEW! That was hair-raising!

As thrilling and nerve-wracking as that was, it certainly beat a boring Winters day without a snake!

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