Joining in on an Emergency Service School Visit, with Snakes!

Last week I was privilidged enough to be invited to join the IPSS Emergency Service group, with some snakes, on an educational visit to a school in Tongaat.

This is a great initiative that IPSS have started. They travel to different schools around the North Coast and beyond, often in rural areas, teaching children basic safety tips and what to do in any emergency. They talk about security, crossing roads, car accidents, other medical emergencies, going into the sea alone and more. It’s an awesome experience for the children, they even get to check out the inside of an ambulance (hopefully the only time they’ll ever do so!) They also often take sniffer dogs etc.

I joined in on the school visit, to briefly talk to the kids about snake awareness. I told them what to do if they see a snake, and what they should do if someone is bitten by a snake. I took along a large Mozambique Spitting Cobra (an old calm specimen), a harmless Spotted Bush Snake (the most common snake by far), and a harmless File Snake. A snake which they’re not likely to see in the wild, but it’s great for kids to touch, because of it’s size and beautiful colours. Before the talk, the children were nervous but excited. Afterwards, just about all of them touched the snake!

Looking forward to more visits with IPSS in the near future! It’s all crucial knowledge for kids to know, and it could save a life.

Check out their website at

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