Kids Snake Course! May 2016

Successful kids snake course!

On Saturday, we held our Kids Snake Course, in the Palmiet Nature Reserve in Westville. There were about 26 children, plus a good few parents, so it was a great attendance.

It started off with a bang, as my two good friends, Sun & Cal, told me that they had seen an injured Night Adder on the path upstream. So before we had even started, we were all off in single file, to rescue the snake! We safely caught it, after Sun had kept her eye on it until we had all arrived. Unfortunately the Night Adder had a very nasty injury, and passed away the next day. At least the children got a little taste of snake conservation.

After that, we had an indoor snake chat, and then had close-up views of some beautiful snakes outside.
I was given an old, harmless File Snake a while ago by a friend. Although it is not a commonly seen snake at all, but one which does occur in KZN, I always bring it along as it is a firm favourite amongst children. This may be because of its colours, size and interesting rough texture, as well as its good nature!

Thank you to the parents who brought their children along, your support was and is always appreciated.

Looking forward to hosting another course in the near future!



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