New website for our new initiative!

A new and improved website for our Durban lizard conservation project!

Save Our Suburban Lizards is one of our initiatives. The purpose is to conserve some of the threatened lizards species in the Greater Durban Area. These lizards, and their habitat, are getting wiped out in the area. We’re looking at establishing their exact range in the area, and how we can conserve their remaining habitat, which can save these species!

Big thanks to Luke Verburgt for supporting the project, and for all your help in setting it up!
Thanks also to those that have been willing to help with the project, whether it’s been advice, field work, sharing data, its all appreciated. (and Daniéla Nirvana for the cool logo).

Hopefully we can learn more about these animals, and most importantly, help to conserve them!

For more info, check out the link below 🙂


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