Releasing M & M

Monster Mamba release, proving yet again that the Mamba’s reputation is way over-exaggerated!

Some of you may have seen in a post that I shared, from the Lion heart Experience, page that we went to release the big Black Mamba on the weekend, that I had caught last Friday.
Myself, my fiancée and a few friends drove into a valley fairly close to where the mamba was caught (it won’t return, too far anyway). We really wanted photos from this special occasion, to remember it.

What an awesome moment it was! This magnificent animal proved yet again, that Black Mambas do not deserve the hatred and fear that comes with their reputation.

After safely restraining it, to measure and to give everyone a chance to feel this muscular animal (A once in a lifetime opportunity), we let it go in an open area, where we hoped to photograph it. Did it viciously attack us once we had let it go, and stood nearby to photograph it? No not at all!

This snake was quite calm, although probably still shaken up from the whole ordeal, which unknowingly to it, saved it’s life. I held onto the tail end, hoping to keep it still for a while everyone got a few pics.

Whenever it did move around, it was away from us. It didn’t attack, and showed little sign of aggression. We weren’t teasing it, we simply wanted to admire it and get some memory shots of this spectacular beast. It didn’t seem to mind too much at all. It was also probably enjoying the tiny bit of sunshine!

Despite its good nature, it didn’t mean one could get comfortable around it. After all, it is a wild animal, with a lethal bite. As soon as you get complacent and forget to respect the animal, that’s when things can turn ugly in the blink of an eye. I was fully focused on the snake. Don’t ever do what you see in these photos. I understand the risk, have experience, and am fully focused!

Black Mambas do not need to be feared, nor taken lightly. It is an awe-inspiring animal, that deserves the utmost respect. Keep your distance from them, and they’ll keep there’s.

The snake measured out to just over 2,5m (much shorter than I thought), but it was big! It weighed 4kg, which is impressive for a mamba. The sheer strength of it was remarkable.

Working with an animal like this, is nothing but a priveledge, and something that I appreciate and love.

Photos: Joelle Hoareau



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