Snake talks for my old school!

Some photos from some snake talks with the students of Westville Senior Primary School.

This was the primary school I went to, and actually loved it there!

Three groups of students, from the school, visited the Palmiet Nature Reserve over the past three days. They came to learn about the history and wildlife of this amazing reserve. They were lead around the reserve and taught about it, by Jean Senogles, Mary Langer, and Warren Friedman- al experts in their fields.
I popped in to talk about snakes to all the groups!

What a great way to spend a school outing- in the bush!
Photos: Warren Friedman

For updates and details for the Palmiet Nature Reserve, like it’s Facebook page:…/

Westville Senior Primary School 20-06-2016 (16) Westville Senior Primary 21062016 (11)Westville Senior Primary 21062016 (14)

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