The dark side of humans…

Absolutely nothing worse than rushing off to a rescue a snake, and finding it savagely killed.

I was contacted by a brave lady who saw a large snake at Reservoir Hills Shopping Mall. She was trying her very best to stop a big crowd of people who were trying to kill it. That takes some courage!

The snake, which turned out to be a big Black Mamba, was spotted in the underground parking. It was obviously terrified by all the people, moved into the gutter pipe below a retaining wall, and it got backed into a corner. It was desperate to get away but had nowhere to go.

According to witnesses, people took the grids off, on the level above where the snake was, and starting hurtling bricks down on top of it. It didn’t stand a chance. No one could stop the people, despite a few brave people attempting to.

It was dead by the time I arrived. I was fuming! I heard one or two of the people in the crowd above laughing, which made me want to do unspeakable things.
Myself and fellow-snake catcher, Jason Arnold, who is well known in the area, were both en route to try save it. We would have saved the cornered mamba, and no one would have gotten hurt.

A magnificent animal, well over 2m long, surviving the odds to get to that size, gone in seconds for no good reason.

Whilst it angers me and breaks my heart, after seeing such a savage attack, I am still trying to remind myself that it is down to a lack of education. I understand that people fear snakes, for many different reasons. Especially the infamous Black Mamba, which has a terrible and over-exaggerated reputation (yes, a bite can kill you, but how many people do you know have been bitten by one?). But it has to start changing. The message needs to get out there, that they are not the evil, blood-thirsty killers, that are more scared of us than we are of them. There is help at hand if you ask for it.

I’m working on organizing a few educational projects to be done in townships. The more educational messages that get pushed out there, to all parts of the country, the better.

We all need to work together to help save our wildlife, which is fast disappearing.

~Nick Evans



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