Frogging evenings in KZN

One of the best way to spend an evening, in Spring and Summer, is to go frogging!!

We often run frogging evenings, at reserves/farms/parks, where we take people to admire some of our many beautiful frog species. Did you know amphibians are the fastest disappearing groups of vertebrates (animals with a backbone) in the world? They’re also one of the most important animals in the food chain!

So, get your gum boots on, grab a torch (rain coat and camera too if you want) and come join us for  a fun evening looking at our amazing amphibian friends!

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If you’re already a keen ‘frogger’, feel free to join our Facebook group to take part in a fun challenge!


An Endangered Kloof Frog seen in Gillits, KZN
Studying the features of a Guttural Toad with some children on a frogging evening in the KZN Midlands









A 'frogger' photographing a Common River Frog
A ‘frogger’ photographing a Common River Frog